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//People think Loki planned for Thor to go to Jotunheim and get in trouble with Odin but I entirely disagree.  All Loki wanted was for Odin to see how petulant and selfish Thor could be, and reconsider his coronation for a while, giving Thor time to mature, and giving Loki some petty pleasure in seeing Thor knocked down a few (deserved) pegs. That happened in the scene prior to this.  

What Loki is doing here is playing the other side and sucking up to big brother to cover his ass, so Thor won’t ever suspect Loki of sending in the Frost Giants to ruin the coronation.

Thor then is too damned childishly furious still, which leads Loki’s ass-kissing to backfire on him, because Thor then takes them all to Jotunheim.  

Loki then adjusts his contingencies accordingly. Remember, Loki’s real strength is in his adaptability and the multifariousness of his mental threads.  He does like to scheme way ahead, but he’s always ready to drop everything and shift positions the moment something goes wrong. That is specifically WHY he is such a great puppetmaster; he is NOT rigid.  

Main point, though, is it’s important for us to see where Loki’s manipulations began and ended before he found out he was a Frost Giant and essentially had a mental breakdown. There’s no need to assign him more nefarious schemes than he actually committed.  When he facepalmed at Thor saying “We’re going to Jotunheim,” nobody but the audience saw that.  This was not in Loki’s original plan.

And look how it bit him in the ass, interestingly.  Overplaying his hand (in terms of being manipulative) is what provoked Thor to stomp into enemy terrain, and what prompted Loki to learn he was Jotun in the first place.  

Loki is his own worst enemy, and Thor did not used to be a good guy: example number 99 million. 

(Source: fromhiddleswithlove)

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